Top 3 Smoke Shops in San Jose – CA

 There are hundreds of smoke shops in San Jose California, In this blog post I’m going to pick three that I recommend visiting if you’re in San Jose California.

First I would recommend visiting BullDog smoke shop, which is located in downtown California. At BullDog Smoke Shop we have a wide selection of smoke-related products, competitive prices, convenient location with experienced sales staff. 

420 Smoke Shop

420 Smoke Shop opened its door for business in 2015. 420 smoke shop has one of the best locations due to its close to San Jose downtown it’s getting a lot of foot traffic which helps their business maintain a steady flow of customers, there are other smoke shops as well in San Jose that do very well in business but what is unique about 420 smoke shop is that it has a good variety of products and they have a huge store when you walk in.

420 Smoke Shop in the back of their store has a section where they sell sex-related toys and accessories or adults store. 

Spartan Smoke Shop

Spartan smoke shop is another smoke shop located in San Jose California. Spartan smoke shop mainly serves students from San Jose State University. it’s close to San Jose University located to the side of San Jose State dorms. Spartan smoke shop opened their door for business and in the year 2012 / 2013. 

 What I like about Spartan smoke shop is that the products that they have are not expensive the quality is also not bad plus it’s close to downtown San Jose. 

Houdini Smoke Shop

 Houdini smoke shop is another head shop which I recommend visiting if you are looking for smoke related products in San Jose California. Houdini smoke shop has a wonderful location, they are located in Downtown San Jose California in the center close to Starbucks on 2nd Street.

 Visit Houdini smoke shop if you’re looking for good cigars they have good selection of premium cigars. I would also recommend visiting Houdini if you’re looking for products that are less expensive. 

Houdini store has ATMs, Lottery and also accept EBT. 

Please leave a comment, If you think a smoke shop worth mentioning in my blog post that has the best prices, experienced sales personal and convenient location. 

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